About us

„Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Our agency has been in operation for 10 years. Our main profile consists of performing tailor-made marketing tasks with a high added value that require considerable professional expertise and experience – from coming up with the idea through devising the strategy to comprehensive realisation.
Our goal is to use marketing tools in order to offer services granting distinctive advantages to our clients and enabling them to create real value for their customers and partners.
We are particularly proud of having created the Hungarian Marketing Dictionary, a unique resource with an unprecedented depth of detail, available on order here.
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Our services

“Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.”

Our activities encompass all areas of marketing.
We have outstanding professional experience in the following fields:
- Marketing and communication advice.
- Development of creative ideas and concepts.
- Realisation of and marketing support for unique product and business ideas.
- Advertising TV spot production.
In addition to our main profile, we also offer sponsoring and consultancy representation for motion picture productions and scripts, including seeking out and acquiring potential sponsors and co-operating partners, as well as the development and successful delivery of marketing-type co-operation opportunities.
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What do communication services include?

In line with our client’s needs and interests, for instance, the following:
  • Follow-up care for the good reputation of a product, brand or even person.
  • Development of communication strategy and plans.
  • Management and execution of communication activities (such as issuing press releases, drafting newsletters, organising press conferences, press talks and direct mail campaigns, creating advertisements, preparing management presentations, organising other publicity).
  • Provide senior-level communication support to top management.

Where can I buy the Hungarian Marketing Dictionary?

It may be ordered at www.nagymarketingszotar.hu with a discount, or is available in all larger bookstores (such as Alexandra or Libri). 

What does “film sponsoring” mean?

A high-standard feature film is nearly unimaginable without sponsors or co-operating partners, and in many cases, production is possible only with external assistance today. Co-operation offers mutual benefits, and – to put is simply – provides additional funding for production and publicity to the sponsor. In comparison with classical advertising, this offers a great alternative for increasing brand and product awareness, image building or even for realising other marketing goals (such as developing a culture of use).
A particularly effective way of co-operation worth mentioning is the placement of commercial products/brands in motion pictures of publications, by which the sponsor may be presented in an original setting, in an authentic manner, possibly by opinion leaders, in an intimate situation of reception. In addition to financial support, product placement may be beneficial for the production as well, considering that a prestigious sponsor will considerably improve opinion on the production.
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